Minnesota Twins no longer a small market team

We all knew that the Minnesota Twins would do a heck of a lot better in their new digs at Target Field. However, I don’t think we knew they would do this good. For years now the Twins have been the best small budget/small market team. They have spent their money wisely and for that they have been rewarded in wins and divisional championships. Now they have about 105 million dollars already committed to the 2011 payroll. Twins management feels very comfortable bumping that up some as the Twins still have holes to fill.

Now this team must remember where they came from. They must continue to spend their money wisely. Big payrolls are by no means a way to success by themselves, see the Detroit Tigers. In 2010 the Twins spent 101 million dollars on payroll which was the 10th biggest payroll. In year two of Target Field it looks like that number will be between 115-120 million.

That is bad news for the other teams in the AL Central. Sure the Tigers already have a payroll that large but it is filled with contracts that the team over paid for on players that are way past their prime. On top of the Chicago White Sox, Cleveland Indians, and Kansas City Royals do not have the leeway to spend this much on payroll.

If the Twins can spend this extra money wisely, they can greatly improve an already solid roster. If that happens they may be able to run away with the central.

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