Opie Smashes Homeless Man’s Cake, Faces Internet Backlash [Video]

Shock jock Opie is facing some internet anger over a video that was made more than five years ago. The radio shock jock smashed a homeless man’s cake back in 2007 and today the internet got mad.

The Social News Daily reports that Opie posted the video to his YouTube page today because of a fan request. The video was quickly posted to Reddit where it started a conversation about how Opie was a terrible person.

(The video has been removed from Opie’s page but you can still watch a version of it here.)

The video shows a homeless man sitting on the sidewalk with a chocolate cake. He’s surrounded by Opie, a camera crew, and a few bystanders and he seems truly happy to have such a wonderful treat. The man even offers to share the cake with the men standing above him.

But a bunch of guys standing around eating cake and being nice to each other doesn’t really make for an entertaining video. So, instead of being a decent human being, Opie steps on the homeless man’s cake.

In Opie’s defense, he is a shock jock and he gets paid to do shocking things. Still, Redditors were furious that this “professional entertainer” could get away with treating someone so poorly.

One user writes: “The giggling idiots make me rage. This is what I expect from teenagers in a shop knocking over displays, not “professional entertainers”. Wankers.”

Opie caught wind of the internet’s outrage and defended himself on Twitter. The shock jock called his haters “uninformed” and said that he was shocked to see outrage over a video made in 2007.

In an effort to “inform” themselves, Redditors have been pouring through old YouTube clips to find some of Opie’s most offensive acts.

Here’s a video of the shock jock smashing a woman’s guitar.

Are you surprised that Opie is being called out for something he did in 2007? Do you think he’ll see a fallout like Paula Deen did?

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