Fox Bans Google TV After “Careful Consideration”

Google TV users looking to watch TV shows from the Fox Network today were shown a message which stated that their content was “not compatible with your device” marking yet another major network company that has chosen to stop Google from airing their programs.

The newest Network block joins ABC and NBC who have blocked Google TV, arguing that the company has made little to no attempt to block out pirated material.

Not all networks have banned the service, for example TBS and TNT still offer Google TV access, however non-basic cable companies have complained that Google TV is attempting to encourage “cable cutters” which is a bit silly considering they are not cable networks and often threaten to remove their own stations from “cable based services” in an attempt to raise more capital for airing their already free over-the-air services.

As Electronista points out:

However, it incorporated and heavily promoted Flash in the TV browser so that users could search for both the Internet and traditional TV sources from the same sites.

It’s still unclear what steps networks want Google TV to take before they will be allowed to carry their programming, but we assume pay-to-view programming might be at the top of their demands list.

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