‘Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition’ Title Update 12 Details Revealed

4J Studios has released the official list of changes, additions, and fixes slated to arrive in the next Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition patch.

Title Update 12 brings a handful of items and features found in the latest patch of the PC and Mac versions into the console world. Not only will players finally get to tame Ocelots, they’ll also discover plenty of new jungle plants to chop down and harvest.

The next Minecraft update also adds a handful of new mobs. Babies and Iron Golems will make their debut with Title Update 12. Townsfolk will continue having children if their town is big enough to handle the new additions.

The folks at 4J Studios have also made a few tweaks to existing enemies. If you find yourself wandering around in the dark at night, you might encounter a horde of zombies that are waiting to rip you limb from limb.

Gamers who are making their way through this untamed universe on Hard Mode will find that zombies now have the ability to break through your doors.

Builders will be happy to know that the next Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition update makes some serious changes to the world’s maximum height. Although the game is currently capped out at 128, armchair architects will push that number to 256. Let your imaginations run wild.

Since this version of the open-world adventure has sold approximately eight million copies, 4J Studios is making sure they keep people coming back for more. Hopefully the developers will keep these updates rolling out on a regular basis.

A complete list of changes, additions, and fixes can be found below.

New Mobs
Iron Golem
Baby Villager

New Items
Redstone Lamp
Jungle Wood Stairs
Jungle Wood Half Slab
Jungle Wood Block
Jungle Wood Planks
Jungle Tree Sapling
Ocelot Spawn Egg
(Creative Mode only) Chiselled Stone Brick
(Creative Mode only) Mob Heads (Skeleton, Wither Skeleton, Zombie, Human and Creeper)

Changes & Additions
New Tutorial World.
New map height limit (256 instead of 128).
Jungle Biome
Jungle trees
Cocoa beans grow on Jungle trees
Slabs and Stairs can be placed upside-down by placing them below a block.
Added Corner Stairs and upside down Corner Stairs.
Added 3D dropped items.
Added dispensing Boats and Minecarts to Dispenser.
New ambient cave sounds.
New AI for Mobs.
Added rare drops for Mobs.
Villagers will have children if there is room in their village.
Zombie sieges will occur occasionally at night.
Zombies break down doors on Hard Mode.
Crafting recipe for ladder now yields 3 ladders instead of 2.
Placing blocks on grass will replace it.
Lava now has a faint rumbling sound effect, and large particles that hop out of the lava produce a popping sound.
Very rare Desert Wells can be found in Desert biomes.
Increased max boats in a world to 40.
When in the Nether, Snow Golems will melt and die same as when they are in Desert biomes.
Abandoned Mineshafts can generate with wooden bridges now when generated over a cave or over top another tunnel.
Doors have been updated so that double doors work better with Redstone.
Added a Favourites tab to the Skin Selector menu, storing most recently used skins.
Added support for Texture Packs and Mash-up Packs, and display of these in the Minecraft Store.

Fixed local player shadows not being displayed.
Fixed a few issues with the Privileges settings.
Fixed visible seams in clouds.
Fixed 3rd person camera issues with water, where the underwater filter would be randomly removed.
Fix for structures generating at the edge of a world.
Fix for putting enchanted items in a Minecart With Chest and destroying it removes the enchantments.
Fix for breaking a bow having improper animation.
Fix to make Minecarts run at the correct speed.
Fixed a few memory leaks.
Fixed issue with “Can Open Containers” option.
Fixed issues with “Can Build and Mine” option.
Fixed Issue with TNT blocks being triggered by explosions even with “TNT explodes” option off.
Fixed Wolves not tilting their heads when the player has a bone in their hand.
Fixed the colour of Potion particles status effect to match the Potion colour.
Fix for doors spitting in half and glitching in open/closed motion when mined.
Fixed artefacts on edge of flames when in first person.
Fixed a lot of game lighting issues.

A release date for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Title Update 12 isn’t available as of this writing. The changes are currently being certified by Microsoft.

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