Dan Uggla turns down a four year extension with the Marlins

Florida Marlins second baseman Dan Uggla has turned down a four year, 48 million dollar contract extension with the Florida Marlins. The reports are that he is seeking a five year deal; however he may just want to get away from the cheapest team in Major League Baseball, and the worst owner in Jeff Loria. The fact that the 48 million dollar deal is one of the largest in Marlins history proves my point that this is a cheap organization. In this case it seems the Uggla holds all of the cards.

This will be his last season of arbitration eligibility, and without doubt Uggla is looking to cash in. He made 7.8 million dollars in 2010, and is coming off his best season where he hit .287, with 33 home runs, and drove in 105 runs. Without a doubt he would get big time money from an arbitrator.

It now seems the best thing for the Marlins to do is trade Mr. Uggla before the start of 2011 spring training. Of course it is not like this team has done great trading big time players in the past. I wonder if Dave Dombrowski of the Detroit Tigers, who happens to need a middle of the order bat and an everyday second baseman, would be willing to fleece the Marlins yet again.

I am not saying the Marlins won’t eventually pony up enough jack to get the Uggla deal done. However, given their history I am saying it is not likely to happen. If I were Uggla I would want nothing to do with this team. It simply is a bad organization and as a long term player nobody would know that better then him.

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