YouTube Geek Week Introduces ‘Star Wars Speed Dating’ [Video]

YouTube Geek Week has shown us the dark side … of speed dating.

Speed dating, in case you haven’t heard of it, is one of those newer ways to keep online dating interesting. You talk to a potential match for a while and see where it goes, or if they turn you off too quickly, you end the chat and keep looking. YouTube channel worldofheroes has taken the idea and plugged it into the Star Wars universe with some hilarious results.

This spoof takes place in a cantina from the movies.

The video begins with a certain alien we all know introducing himself across the table from the camera, “Me’sa JarJar Binks,” and instantly getting shot with a laser blaster.

Then we see a young Luke Skywalker sitting at the table and asking, “You wanna see my lightsaber? I haven’t figured out how to use it yet…”

Chewbacca does his trademark roar with one arm on the table, leaning forward, and a caption beneath says, “Sup girl.”

Lando Calrissian holds up a drink in the YouTube Geek Week Star Wars speed dating spoof, “Can I interest you in some Colt 45?”

R2D2 just beeps and whirrs a little, and Luke Skywalker comes back playing with his lightsaber and making the sound effects with his mouth.

George Lucas sits at the table and turns a bit, “It’s like I’m trapped in a nightmare.”

Next is Mace Windu, making fun of Samuel L Jackson’s role in Pulp Fiction, “Which one’s my lightsaber? The one that says ‘Bad motherf***er’…”

Emperor Palpatine says, “Yes, give in to my pickup lines.”

A Storm Trooper waves a hand and says, “Have you seen the droids I’m looking for?”

Greedo says something in an alien language, and the caption says, “I totally shot first.”

The Storm Trooper is back, “Maybe you’re the droid I’m looking for. Heh?”

Boba Fett holds his blaster in one hand, ‘I’m here for one last job. Tired of killing people for a living, looking to retire.”

The rest of the video is above. What did you think of YouTube Geek Week’s Star Wars Speed Dating spoof?

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