[VIDEO] Old Goldeneye 007 vs. New Goldeneye 007

You kids can keep your Call of Duty: Black Ops, because I’ll always have the memory of Goldeneye 007 on the Nintendo 64 to keep me warm in the cold, lonely nights.

My moist-eyed recollections of that renowned Rare classic meant I was instantly cynical about the remake for the Wii, airily dismissing its potential without a second thought. But hey, it’s supposedly pretty good, so my humble apologies, Goldeneye 007 From The Future!

Anyway, here’s a video comparing the N64 Goldeneye (released 1997) to the Wii Goldeneye (released last week). Turns out new games look better than old games, (I know!), but I still think the N64’s mashed potato faces had a certain charm. Christ I’m old.

[RewindReplay, via Joystiq]

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