Video Game Sequels I Want To See: ‘Prototype 3’ [Op-Ed]

Prototype 3 is a video game sequel I want to see.

The original Prototype was a hit, as the story of Alex Mercer unleashing the Blacklight Virus turned him into a sort of dark superhero. He was able to consume any human he wanted, using them for disguises as he constantly looked for answers to what he had become, and initially looking for a cure. Eventually he discovered he was the Blacklight Virus in human form and embraced his true identity as he took out the man responsible for making him a monster.

Prototype 2 wasn’t as good as the first, limiting what powers we could gain as we helped James Heller find and take down the now rogue monster Alex Mercer. It was easier, but it didn’t give us as much incentive to keep playing after we beat it.

Prototype 3, if Radical Entertainment could ever find a way to return, could be made to surpass the first game and actually prove that the first sequel was worth the effort to make.

First off, we would need a new hero. I would suggest the least likely kind of hero, a genius computer programmer. The story would involve Alex Mercer searching for a new host for Blacklight, and when he finds this new host, he reveals he’s actually James Heller, injects the virus into the new hero, and then leaves him to figure it out on his own, thinking he wasted his time and this new host will die soon enough. The hero wakes after a week under medical supervision, and instinctively consumes both of the doctors checking on him, revealing a new power.

In Prototype 3, a video game sequel I want to see, the hero will be able to consume multiple victims at the same time. He will escape the hospital with the basic powers already unlocked, including Hammerfist, Chain Whip, Blade Arm, and Claw. As he goes about various missions, he can upgrade the abilities he has using the evolution point system from the first game, and even find ways to combine them or dual wield. Imagine being able to extend his chain whip range to as far away as you can target objects, or dropping from the top of a skyscraper in the form of a heat-seaking boulder.

New powers would include the ability to replicate any weapon or vehicle he consumes, or inject humans with mind control tumors, which he can use to finish missions while he waits somewhere out of sight. The mind control tumor would only work as long as the human is alive, so he would have to avoid suspicion, necessitating a level of stealth.

He could even use his viral powers to shoot himself through large buildings at the cost some health; more health for larger buildings. This would prove useful for “chase” missions or just getting across the city faster.

Last but not least, Prototype 3 could make it so your “critical mass” attacks actually gain you some health back from whatever living humans or creatures you hit. Plus we could use more side missions and things to collect.

The final boss could be a giant mutation of Blacklight (what used to be Alex Mercer) which has infested a skyscraper and brought it to life in a murderous rage, destroying other buildings and whatever else lies in its path. It could have random weak points that you have to climb it to reach, but please, no quick time events. Those are just cheap and lazy.

What would you like to see if the video game sequel Prototype 3 is ever made?

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