[VIDEO] Microsoft’s Kinect already hacked, robot war imminent

Well, that was quick. Microsoft’s Kinect device for the Xbox 360 only launched last Thursday, and already the hackers have broken its security. No doubt spurred on by this offer of a $2,000 prize, the first open source Kinect driver hack appeared early Sunday morning, via renowned hacker Alex P.

The video below shows a Kinect camera being operated on a normal PC – specificially its motorised head. What does this actually mean? Well, the always excellent Digital Foundry speculates that:

“Kinect’s ability to see in 3D and “hear” so precisely while consuming a relatively miniscule 18 watts of power makes it the perfect device to add to a homemade robot.”

So basically, it’s the fatal human/robot war we’ve all seen coming, and we all know how that ends up. THANKS A LOT HACKER JERKS. If you need me, I’ll be in the garden fortifying my bunker.

[NUI Group Forums, via Adafruit, via Gizmodo]

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