Justin Bieber Pants Falling Down In Florida Show: This Isn’t Unusual [Video]

Justin Bieber’s pants have been a gravity-defying curiosity for a while now.

In fact, it’s got to point that these days the only way to see the 19-year-old in decent clobber is to click on any adidas NEO ad.

Frankly, a pants falling down occurrence isn’t unusual for the Biebs so we’re guessing today is a slow non-news day.

The teen star has long perfected the art of appearing to wear pants but really giving everyone a good old flash of his “Jerry.”

Bieber’s latest demonstration of this took place at his Jacksonville, Florida concert on Wednesday (August 7.)

The shirtless one took to the stage for the show’s closers “Boyfriend” and “Baby” as fans chanted his name.

The “Beauty and a Beat” star generously allowed his black Calvin Klein underwear to peek above his red leather pants, and during the songs his entire underwear area became visible.

From fans’ faces in the “iHeartRadio” video, not one of the screaming females in the packed audience had any problem whatsoever with Bieber’s pants falling down emergency. In fact, many seemed to be collectively willing the pants to make their descent absolute as they held their iPhones aloft.

However, it was not to be. So did the Biebs catch wind of Mark Wahlberg’s recent advice after all? “Be a nice boy, pull your trousers up, make your mom proud and stop smoking weed, you little b**tard.”

Despite hectic choreography and the up-tempo fury of a jacked up “Baby,” by the time Justin got to the “When I was 13…” rap it was clear he had perfectly mastered the suspended pants trick.

Seemingly happy to stand before thousands with his underwear carriage fully out, Bieber’s pants (which, in time, will surely have their own Twitter account), stayed on.

Meanwhile, if you live in the US and haven’t yet seen the Biebs — and his pants — in action, get yourself down to Atlanta, Georgia sharpish.

The teen singer wraps this leg of his Believe tour tomorrow at ATL’s Philips Arena. After breaking for a few weeks, he will head to Asia, Latin America, New Zealand and Australia in September.

This leg of Bieber’s tour has been something of a critical mess despite the thousands of fans that have attended. He also hit the headlines recently after he was accused of spitting on his fans from a hotel balcony in Toronto. However, his rep firmly denied this.

Bieber also raised eyebrows when he shoved a fan’s iPhone down his pants last week after it was thrown onstage. More recently, he and his bodyguards became the subjects of a police investigation following an accusation of assault at a nightclub after an alleged argument.

Bieber’s Florida Pants Falling Down Episode Really Isn’t That Unusual.

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