TravelMuse Launches “Inspiration Finder”

TravelMuse has announced the public beta release of travel planning destination and an “Inspiration Finder,” which matches personal preferences and needs.

The TravelMuse Inspiration Finder is claimed to be the first solution of its kind “to consider multiple dimensions of travel information including budget, ages of travelers, maximum travel distance and preferred vacation activities to quickly identity best-fit destinations.”

The TravelMuse Inspiration Finder is part of the TravelMuse Planner, allowing users to bring their trip research together in the one place. The site also includes travel guides, photography and editorial content from over 50 writers.

In practice it’s actually not to bad. I naturally presumed this would be North American focused but it wasn’t, happily supplying me with some suggestions based on my local airport in Australia. Naturally the total cost is delivered in US dollars, but it was nicely packaged, offering me a flight/ accommodation combo then offering extras afterwards. Yes, you can get these packages on other travel sites, but in theory you should be able to discover new places to visit at the first step.

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