Kyle Busch is just a punk

On one hand I like Kyle Busch’s passion for racing, and really his passion for winning. However he constantly lets his emotions get the better of him, and even his crew chief finally had to call him on it. Kyle got caught speeding on pit road in an attempt to not lose a lap after a spin out. If he had just accepted the penalty he would have been placed at the back of the field, and been eligible either for the lucky dog or a waive around on the next caution. Instead he went into a verbal tirade on his radio and then flipped off the NASCAR official when he came around to serve his penalty. NASCAR parked him for two laps effectively taking him out of the race.

Since Kyle clearly had one of the cars top beat the 2 lap penalty is especially hard to accept. Kyle’s crew chief told his driver over the radio that he cost the team and that they work far too hard for him to act like such a child. This incident will likely carry a fine as well as Kyle obscene gesture was captured by ESPN cameras.

Kyle has got to learn how to reign in his emotions. Merely launching into a profanity laded communication over his radio can cost him money and points. Flipping off a NASCAR official is the action of a child, and it cost his team big. It was the second emotional explosion by Kyle of the weekend as Saturday he stormed out of the media center after he believed Carl Edwards jumped the final restart of the Nationwide Series race on his way to a victory.

To his credit Kyle later apologized for his action after cooling off after the race, but we have seen this kind of behavior from Kyle before and to be a NASCAR champion he is going to have to learn to not act like a little baby.

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