Justin Bieber: She Does Like The Lights After All, Flashlights That Is

Justin Bieber apparently uses a flashlight to pick up females in nightclubs.

Most outlets are reporting this based not only on source reports but a widely circulated Instagram that’s also doing the rounds.

A snap of Bieber’s most recent flashlight outing was taken during the 19-year-old’s infamous visit to the South Pointe nightclub in Southampton, New York on Sunday, August 4.

While he was there, a brawl took place. As a result, both the singer and his bodyguards are being respectively investigated by New York police for the possible direction of and assault of a clubgoer, Wayne Rennalls, 22.

But back to that flashlight.

No doubt women’s groups, his detractors, and observers will see this as a spectacularly imperious way for the Biebs to interact in a club.

In many respects that’s true. But, equally it’s probably not easy for Bieber to mingle at a nightclub and meet females without it becoming messy. So, he’s chosen the curiously feudal option of standing on a platform and waving a flashlight about.

Yes, it’s all very young emperor. But hey, females respond.

So the responsibility is shared ladies.

The UK’s Mirror has more details.

A source told the paper:”Justin gets mobbed wherever he goes so his new think is to use a flashlight to look for ladies.”

The insider added: “He shines it around so girls look up and then if he likes the look of them he leaves the light on them.”

A source explains: “His minders and friends then know who he wants and go and ask if they want to join Justin in the VIP section of clubs and bars.”

Justin reportedly used this trusty method to pick up two waitresses who worked at South Pointe on Sunday.

Diana Bhokasub, 24, and Sophia Rayo, 32, accompanied Bieber back to a oceanfront property where he was staying over the weekend, according to the New York Daily News.

“He used it [the flashlight] in South Pointe and the two girls agreed to come with him, so it works for him and saves any hassle. Most girls don’t seem to mind,” the insider told the Mirror.

The two women reportedly signed non-disclosure agreements. But, although most outlets seem to be assuming Bieber was intimate with the waitresses, that isn’t what one of the women — Sophia Rayo — is saying happened.

Justin Bieber Shines A Flashlight In Clubs To Choose Girls He Wants To Pick Up

Mercifully, perhaps, Justin’s North American dates come to end in Atlanta, Georgia tomorrow, and the pop prince can take a breather before his Asian, Latin American, New Zealand and Australian dates kick off in September.

The flashlight revelation will likely add to the existing general sentiment that Bieber has become a spoilt brat who urinates in mop buckets, allegedly attacks or orders attacks on paparazzi, spits in public — his rep has denied he spat on fans from a hotel balcony.

Justin Bieber Waves Flashlights To Choose Girls In Clubs

But it is worth saying these dramas have all taken place over the last five months and could be put down to classic teenage acting out, albeit with a bigger budget and intense scrutiny thrown in — which means the Canadian boy-man may simmer down at some point.

Mark Wahlberg — a man whose youthful exploits make Bieber look like an Ivy League candidate — was recently asked for his view on the teen singer. While he advised focus and being the “best” while in “the game,” the 2 Guns star also said:

“He’s a kid. Let him live his life.”

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