Emma Roberts Attempts To Eat Cronut, Turned Away From Infamous New York City Bakery

Emma Roberts attempted to join the latest New York City bakery craze by eating a Cronut on Thursday, however she was turned away from the bakery serving the product after she tried to jump the huge queue.

Roberts, the niece of legendary actress, Julia Roberts, tried to walk straight to the front of the line, alongside her publicist, however the bouncer at the door of the bakery turned her away and told her to move to the back of the line, which stretched around the block.

Roberts was looking to eat a Cronut, which combines the fluffy texture of a croissant with the hard curst of a donut, at Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York’s Soho area.

The desert has taken the city by storm, and hungry inhabitants of New York aren’t afraid to queue up for hours to eat one.

After trying to jump ahead of the line, the 22-year-old actress soon embarrassingly scuttled all the way to the back, where she waited for several minutes before deciding to head home instead.

Previously, Heidi Klum, waited patiently in line to purchase an entire box of Cronuts, and finally tweeted on Thursday, “I have literally waited weeks to try one of @DominiqueAnsel’s Cronuts and it was definitely worth the wait.”

Heidi even shared a picture of her desert, which she then ate on her private jet. Klum was so enamoured with the product that she even strapped it into the seat alongside her, before writing again, “Flying back home with a box of #cronuts for my loved ones.”

Roberts can currently be seen in We’re The Millers, alongside Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Aniston, and Ed Helms. The raunchy comedy got off to a great start on Wednesday night when it managed to pull in $6.7 million.

Have you tried a Cronut?

[Image via Ovidiu Hrubaru / Shutterstock.com]

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