Cory Monteith Was With ‘Sober Friends’ Before Death

After Cory Monteith’s cause of death was revealed to be a drug overdose, some began to wonder who he was hanging out with and what they were doing the night he died.

Turns out, he was hanging out with some longtime sober pals who were called “positive influences” on his own life and numerous attempts to stay clean.

“They weren’t strangers, they weren’t bad guys. They were longtime sober friends. Cory knew them maybe 10 years. Essentially, he had spent time with [them] as sober people,” said Monteith’s acting coach Andrew McIlroy.

“They were not using with him [that night]. There was no double life up here.”

McIlroy also described Monteith as being “fine” the last time he saw him just a few short weeks before his death.

“He was happy to be breathing fresh air and putting in full days and being active,” he said.

Cory Monteith was pronounced dead on July 13, with early rumors suggesting that his death involved drugs. He did indeed die of a lethal combination of heroin and alcohol just after completing a rehab program and going on a short vacation with girlfriend Lea Michele.

As for Monteith’s show Glee, producers have confirmed that they will go ahead with the upcoming Season 5 as planned, but that the third episode will address Monteith’s death and pay tribute to him in some way.

Michele also made the brave choice to return to the program even after creator Ryan Murhpy offered to write her out or cancel the show.

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