How Are William And Kate Spending Their First Weeks As Parents

William and Kate welcomed their new son Prince George on July 22 and now we are getting some insights as to how the new parents are spending their days.

The only time the couple has been seen in public is when they left the hospital after the birth and when they were on their way to Kate’s childhood home in Bucklebury.

One of the first things they wanted to was sleep according to Us Weekly and the Middleton’s home afforded the piece and quiet the couple was looking for after the crazy pre-birth hoopla.

Even though Prince George is a future King of England, his parents are set on giving him as much of a normal upbringing as possible.

The routine couldn’t be simpler, sleep, take care of George, eat, and on again.

Dinner are simple fares, Italian food in many cases cooked with the help of housekeeper Antonella Fresolone.

William and Kate then clean up like any other parents do. Even with two future Kings in residence, chores still need to be done, there’s no special treatment.

“William still has to help load the dishwasher after dinner. The same will apply to George when he’s a grown boy.”

The royal couple will continue to try and give their son a happy, pressure-free childhood, much as William’s parents did.

Princess Diana’s goal was to let her sons, William and Harry, experience life outside the Palace, her son is following in her footsteps.

As anticipated, a source close to the couple said that they are loving the experience and every day brings something new to learn.

Fresolone gives a helping hand here and there, but the couple is doing everything by themselves, as they have prior to the baby’s birth.

They have no nannies and they don’t plan on hiring one any time soon.

“They’re doing as much as they can by themselves,” says the family source. “The baby is always with one of them, or asleep.”

As to who the baby resembles, another source said, “He already looks really different from when he was in the hospital!”

So far, William and Kate seem to be sticking to their plans regarding parenthood. Prince George is one lucky chap.

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