Paul Fronczak: FBI Reopens 1964 Kidnapping Case

Paul Fronczak has no idea who he really is. His bizarre story has prompted the FBI to reopen a 1964 kidnapping case. Fronczak does not know his real name, age, parents, or where he is from.

In April 1964 an infant, named Paul Joseph Fronczak, was kidnapped from Chicago’s Michael Reese Hospital.

In 1965, a child was found abandoned in a stroller in New Jersey. He apparently looked like, and was assumed to be Paul Fronczak.

The child was taken to Dora and Chester Fronczak, in Chicago. The Fronczaks agreed with the authorities, recognizing the child as their son.

As reported by CBS News, Paul started questioning his identity at the age of 10. He was looking for hidden Christmas presents when he stumbled across some old documents.

Included in the documents were old newspaper clippings, detailing the kidnapping, search, and eventual reunion. Paul was stunned.

He questioned his parents about the kidnapping, but their answers were vague:

“My mom and dad pretty much said, ‘You’re our son, we love you, and that’s pretty much all you need to know.”


Paul Fronczak accepted his parents’ explanation. However, the questions haunted him for nearly 40 years.

He eventually moved to Henderson, Nevada, where he now resides with his wife Michelle and daughter Emma.


As reported by 8 News Now, Paul and his wife agreed that he needed to find some answers. Last year, Paul presented his parents with a DNA test kit. They agreed to go along with the test.


Paul received the results via a phone call. He was told:

“There is no remote way that you are the Fronczak’s baby.”

He now has no idea who he really is, or who he was. The results have only created more questions.

Paul Fronczak hopes that through the media and social networking sites, he will find some answers. The FBI has reopened the 1964 kidnapping case in an attempt to help Paul find his true identity.

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