PayPal Tests Face Verification For Mobile Payments

PayPal is testing a new way to make mobile payments that involves face verification.

The company launched a trial in Richmond, west of London, in which 12 different merchants were set up to accept PayPal payments.

Customers using the PayPal app for Android, iOS, or Windows Phone, can see participating merchants highlighted on their screens. The customer “checks into” the store by clicking the name, and their name and photo appears on the store’s payment system.

To pay for an item, all the customer has to do is slide a location pin down the screen. After the person agrees to pay, the merchant clicks on the customer’s photo to take the payment. PayPal then sends an alert to the customer’s phone telling them how much they paid for the item.

“PayPal first brought ‘pay by mobile’ to the UK high street two years ago,” Rob Harper, head of retail services at PayPal, said. “Through our Richmond initiative, we’re pleased to help local businesses of all sizes offer a new more personal experience, while never having to turn away customers who don’t have enough cash on them to pay.”

Richard Garcia, owner and proprietor of Cook and Garcia, is one of the merchants participating in the trial.

“We’ve been using PayPal’s check-in service within the business for several months, and have found it really efficient,” he said.

“Customers don’t have to worry about having cards, cash or change, just their phones. It is the quickest transaction through the till, which means less queues and we never have to turn down a sale, both of which are great for business,” Garcia added.

PayPal expects that over 2,000 merchants will be able to accept mobile payments by the end of 2013. Harper said the company predicts that by 2016, customers will be able to leave their wallets at home and pay using only their phones or tablets.

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