YouTube Celebrates Geek Week, Unveils New Easter Egg

Remember when you used to excitedly grab your remote control to thumb over the main menu of your DVD in hopes to find a cool Easter egg? Since then Easter eggs have been used as an extra way for developers to engage with their fan base. We’ve seen Easter eggs in games, websites, and now YouTube has decided to feature its very own first Easter egg.

In order to celebrate the Nerdist’s launch of Geek Week, equipped with nerdy channels, and new videos, YouTube has decided to push it one step further by releasing an Easter egg for the sites users to uncover.

For those who are desperate to unlock the goods, here’s how. You can unlock YouTube’s Easter egg by going to any YouTube page. Once you’re there type in the code 1337, which is a throwback to the term “leet.” Once you type the numerical leet code on the page, you will be able to unlock the Easter egg. This means you can type the code on the page, and not just in the search bar.

So what exactly happens when you type the code? Well, all of the comments on the given page translate to leet-speak. Fear not if you’re not fluent in leet-speak. It’s just a number-based spelling systems. The language itself traces back to the 1980s. Think of all those cool beeper tricks you used to type out in numbers. That’s leet speak. For those who weren’t around for beepers, if you have ever called an Internet troll a “n00b” then congratulations, you have used leet speak.

What do you think of YouTube’s Easter egg? Were you expecting something different? What do you think about the launch of Geek Week? Is it something you’re interested in? Tell us your thoughts!

We personally think that Geek Week should be every week.

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