Tara Reid Defends Shark Stupidity, Admits She’s ‘No Scientist’

The internet lit up last night after Tara Reid made some interesting comments about shark sex.

The actress, who recently starred in the totally scientifically correct movie Sharknado, apparently believes that whales and sharks have to have sex in order to create whale sharks.

Reid said: “So I look up sharks on the internet and I see whale sharks so I’m like that must mean that a whale and a shark have sex and then it made me think how do a whale and a shark have sex? There is a thing called whale sharks and then I realized whales are mammals and sharks are animals so they have nothing to do with each other. So basically the dolphins have sex with each other but the sharks don’t, so then I thought how is it such a thing?”

Got it? Makes sense?

A video of Tara Reid’s ridiculous shark comment quickly went viral on YouTube. But really? Are we really surprised that Tara Reid doesn’t know much about sharks?

Just because she starred in Sharknado doesn’t exactly make her an expert on sea life. And it’s not like the cast of Sharknado was tested on their shark knowledge before filming. In fact, the producers probably had to find actors who knew absolutely nothing about the ocean. Otherwise someone may have questioned the ludicrous script.

Do you believe that a tornado could pick up sharks, and only sharks, and then throw them at people with incredible accuracy? Yes? Ok Tara Reid, you’re hired.

Tara defended her comments on Twitter and made the astonishing admission that she is not, in fact, a scientist.

You can see a video of Tara Reid’s comment here.

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