Beyonce Short Blonde Haircut Breaks Out On Instagram [Photos]

Beyoncé’s new haircut is a short blonde pixie. Try that getting that mane caught up in the whirling blades of an evil fan.

The Crazy In Love singer unveiled the new look Wednesday on Instagram.

In some ways, the new Beyoncé haircut is a logical style for the dog days of August. And the hacked-off pixie should certainly cut down on those pesky stage accidents.

But the public is skeptical. As a Twitter user called Peach tweeted, “Haircut? Beyoncé didn’t get a haircut. [T]hat’s just called ‘taking the weave out.'”

Before anyone asks, no, that Peach isn’t me. Trust me, Peach is pretty popular name around the intertubes this time of century. My Twitter handle is actually Peach Front.

As I write, Twitter and Instagram have exploded around the burning issue of Beyoncé’s new blonde haircut. In fact, at times her Instagram account seemed to be locking up.

Plenty of people want you to know that it might not be that much of a haircut. Beyoncé was famous for wearing a weave, so maybe she was pretty short-haired to begin with. Now the public is finally learning the bitter truth.

Or so say the cynics.

Who knows?

But the overall reaction to the new style isn’t particularly enthusiastic.

If anyone cares what I think, sure, I’m a hater too. The new Beyoncé haircut doesn’t do it for me. But it’s probably a lot easier to wear.

Beyoncé’s new haircut
Beyoncé’s first look at new haircut

[photos via Beyoncé Instagram]

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