Are White People Boycotting Ebony For Trayvon Cover?

Are white people boycotting Ebony magazine over a moving series of covers that honor slain teen Trayvon Martin this month?

The Ebony Trayvon cover has been heavily circulated on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. But soon after, a hashtag was also widely shared, #WhitePeopleBoycottingEBONY.

As it stands, there is no evidence white people are boycotting Ebony, and as many have pointed out, it’s a bit like men’s rights activists boycotting Kotex.

But the trending topic is still going strong… and to be fair to those who are claiming as such, there are a lot of white people angry about the Trayvon Martin Ebony cover — one of which features his father, mother, and brother, and all of which have the tagline “We Are Trayvon.”

However, the silliness of a suggested white people boycott of Ebony has raised a few eyebrows, despite the trend’s popularity.

We’ll get to angry white people in a minute, raging against Ebony because they said the words Trayvon Martin. But we first have to quote the skepticism of writer and Twitter user @BrokeyMcPoverty in light of such a claim:

Now to the white people who we imagine might be boycotting Ebony had they ever been customers in the first place. First we have the false equivalence retorts:

We also have “Trayvon basically shot himself” defenders:

And just some good old fashioned accusations of dishonesty:

Also, the “black people are easily fooled” one:

Ebony even poked fun at the controversy:

Overall, it seems the “white people boycotting Ebony” over Trayvon Martin meme is just a joke some people thought seemed plausible. For which we don’t entirely blame them.

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