Paula Deen More Popular With Georgia Republicans Than Martin Luther King

Paula Deen may have taken a PR hit in recent weeks, but she still is held in higher esteem among Georgia Republicans than other controversial public figures… like Martin Luther King, Jr.

Yes, Paula Deen isn’t having an easy summer when it comes to publicity, but at least she isn’t Martin Luther King, Jr. I mean, what nice things could possibly be said about that guy?

The interesting datapoint came from the “democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling,” who tweeted about Paula Deen’s popularity over the much beloved civil rights leader today.

In response, users on Twitter hit back with “not a good look,” “things are going great,” and “good thing racism is dead!”

A blog on explains that after the Paula Deen racism controversy, the celeb chef’s behavior managed to somehow make her a strange rallying point for Southerners and that she emerged in the region as some sort of anti-anti-South symbol:

“Much of the nation was divided into pro-Deen and anti-Deen factions earlier this summer when news broke that Deen had admitted, via a lawsuit deposition, that she had used the racial epithet in the past. Deen also addressed allegations that she wanted to dress black men as slaves during her brother’s wedding reception.”

But even more clarifying perhaps was a comment left on the piece, which read:

“Michael King was a socialist communist trouble maker who incited riots and civil unrest when he should have been taking his problems to the court system. Many africans have raised their children like him and we see the results every day. Confederate Americans raised our children like General Robert E Lee and the difference is like night and day for sure. Paula Deen has a right to say anything she pleases just as the rest of us. No socialist or communist will tell us differently.”

Another said:

“Correct me if I am wrong. Wasn’t MLK an adulterous man and an absolute alcoholic?”

Are you surprised Georgia Republicans like Paula Deen more than MLK, Jr.?

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