Week Nine NFL Power Rankings

Not to many surprises this week, things are starting to settle out in the power rankings department. With that being said here is my NFL Power Rankings for Week Nine:

  1. Patriots (+2 over last week)- 6-1 best record in the NFL
  2. Steelers (even)- A loss is tough but they remain in first
  3. Ravens (+1)- They hope to get Stallworth back
  4. Colts (+4)- A revenge win over the Texans
  5. Jets (-4)- a shutout loss is always ugly
  6. Falcons (-2)- the next two are at home
  7. Giants (even)- They are playing very well right now
  8. Saints (+2)- five wins in the first half is great, given their injury situation
  9. Titans (-3)- Britt goes down so they add Randy Moss we shall see on that one
  10. Packers (+1)- Shout out win is always great
  11. Texans (-2)- they have lost three of their last five
  12. Chiefs (even)- flying way under the radar
  13. Eagles (+1)- Vick is ready to reclaim his spot
  14. Dolphins (-1)- 4-0 on the road, but winless at home
  15. Buccaneers (even)- six of Freeman’s wins have come via the comeback
  16. Chargers (+3)- addition by subtraction I like the move to rid themselves of Merriman
  17. Vikings (even)- the season swirls around the drain
  18. Jaguars (+8)- beating down the Cowboys is the best way to get big props from me
  19. Redskins (-3)- I think the Eagles knew something about one Donovan McNabb
  20. Rams (+2)- A team on the rise
  21. Bears (-1)- They may be heading north to Toronto, but they look like frauds
  22. Seahawks (-4)- Only two road wins in the past two seasons
  23. Raiders (+1)- on a two game winning streak
  24. Lions (+4)- look to be much better than their record indicates
  25. Browns (+2)- Let Colt McCoy start and learn
  26. Bengals (even)- on a four game skid
  27. Cardinals (-2)- they need another option at QB
  28. 49ers (+3)- Troy Smith may be the answer here
  29. Broncos (even)- is there a bright spot on this team?
  30. Cowboys (-9)- Ugly, ugly loss
  31. Panthers (-1)- they need to play spoiler in the next few weeks
  32. Bills (even)- no plan, no direction, no wins
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