The Buffalo Bills claim Merriman off waivers

I have no idea what the Buffalo Bills are thinking here. Sure General Manager Buddy Nix was part of the San Diego Chargers when Shawne Merriman was originally drafted. Sure that was a great pick, and sure he was once a great player. However, I fail to see how getting a broken down guy who has lost his edge (that was apparently steroid induced) and has been hampered by injuries. I also fail to see the overall plan for this organization. In a word they are a mess, and I don’t see how Shawne Merriman helps them.

Sure an infusion of talent on a winless team is a good thing, but I think my argument comes done to the fact that I don’t think Merrimen is an infusion of talent. On top of that this is a guy who is most effective in a 3-4 defense and the Bills have gone away from running that front. Of course this would be just another 180 degree turn and go back to the 3-4, even though they still do not have the right personnel for it.

More than anything else the Bills need a plan, and I do not see one coming from the people in charge. I see a team doing this or that with no direction. Teams like that do not win, they do not get better, and they end up in a sad state. Trust me I live in Detroit and watched Matt “the idiot” Millen operate the Lions this way for years.

Of course I could be wrong, and for Bills fans I certainly hope that I am. In Merriman I see a guy broken down by injuries, and that has not been very effective since getting busted for steroids. That seems to be the bottom line here.

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