Reddit Statutory Rape Admission Comes Back To Haunt Poster

A Reddit statutory rape confession posted in the self-explanatory r/offmychest subreddit was a typical if upsetting to read sort for the forum.

But when user Pilot94 confessed (if telling the truth) to statutory rape on Reddit, the site known for its epic level interference during the Boston bombings wasn’t about to let justice slide on this on.

While it may sound benign before you read the details, the claims of statutory rape made by the poster — who was 18 at the time of the alleged incident — are pretty damning.

In the original post, Pilot94 titled his confession “I should be in prison.” In it, he says:

“I knew some girls from school (I thought they were 15-16, they ended being 13-14) that I met at a party. One night they called us up and said they were drunk and wanted to have fun. We couldn’t say no. We drove out and picked all three of them up. We parked by the neighborhood pool, got in the back of the truck, and started going at it.”

After the incident in question, the poster says the car in which the men and girls were traveling was pulled over, and cops immediately intervened. He admits that the “evidence against us was incredible,” but adds that a series of administrative slipups and circumstances led to the case simply… going away.

The Daily Dot adds that the outcome was good… for Pilot94, who got past the whole possible rape thing and went on to bigger and better things:

“Since then pilot94 claims to have turned his life around, graduating from a ‘Top 500 school’ and receiving a ‘full ride Army ROTC scholarship to a prestigious military school to study Russian and International Affairs and eventually receive a commission as an officer.’ ”

In fact, he was so proud, he posted a scholarship received from the Army Reserve Officer Training Corps to Reddit’s r/military forum, enabling users to track him down in real life and follow up on the whole rape thing.

The result? In a post titled “Really, Redditors? You had to do it?” he updates:

“Now, I’m being looked at by my superiors and almost certainly kicked out. Which will ruin my life.”

Most Redditors commenting don’t really feel badly about the outcome, and one said:

“You ruined a couple of girls childhoods. You make it sound like you’re a good person now and that you have turned over a new leaf but you never once indicated that you felt any remorse for these people you destroyed. I think you far exaggerate to us and yourself how good of a person you are, and how deserving you are of forgiveness.”

Another said:

“OP is getting off extremely easy, IMO. But he’s upset because he almost got off scott free, until he opened his big mouth.”

Pilot94’s original Reddit statutory rape post can be read here.

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