‘America’s Got Talent’ But Japanese Kenichi Ebina’s Live Video Game Gets The Buzz [Video]

America’s Got Talent could be shipping the million dollar prize to a 39-year-old Japanese man. Kenichi Ebina’s amazing performance on the NBC talent program Tuesday night is getting a lot of buzz.

As you see when you watch the two videos I’ve included, this AGT contestant is a cut above the rest.

The 39-year-old Japanese dancer Kenichi Ebina used to slow down Michael Jackson dancing videos to analyze the King of Pop’s moves step-by-step.

And now you can watch the amazing result of what would happen if Michael Jackson — or the apparently equally talented Kenichi Ebina — was sucked into a life-sized video game. Ebina fights aliens and robots under water and under fire. Wowsers.

The entire America’s Got Talent judge’s panel gave Kenichi Ebina a standing ovation. But Howie Mandel was so impressed that he about had kittens: “I’ve never done this before in four years on this show, but I’m begging you, Kenichi has to win the million dollars…. It’s the best act I’ve ever seen.”

Howard Stern loved it too: “My fellow judges give standing ovations like it’s nothing. When I get on my feet it means something…genius, genius, genius.”

And the TV viewing audience was equally enthusiastic:

But some fans are already doubters. A top commenter on the America’s Got Talent posting of Kenichi Ebina’s video thinks the Japanese dancer can’t win because he’s too good.

YouTuber Mugensenpai stated, “[T]his guy is definitely the most talented on AGT this season; however, he won’t win, unfortunately. For some reason, the people that are the most talented…always end up losing to singers or…comedians that aren’t that funny…”

Here’s a more extended report on Kenichi Ebina’s appearance on America’s Got Talent from their official footage:

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