How to build a championship caliber football team: a blueprint

Ok we will start with of course I know this is a United Football League team, but they are showing how one goes about building a championship organization. Given the win now at all cost moves by the Minnesota Vikings and other pro sports teams the Locos are going about their business in a very steadied way. The team that won the first UFL championship and has secured a spot in the second UFL championship game is also the team that has made the least amount of personnel changes.

So far in the 2010 season, after spending the Premier UFL season making the least personnel moves, the Locos have signed nine players, placed four on injured reserves, and cut another four. That means the core of this roster has been in tact for nearly two seasons and it is why they are head and shoulders above the rest of the team in the upstart football league. Head Coach Jim Fassel does not have to keep teaching his system to new players, because his players know what he is about, and know what he expects.

Now let us move this argument to the NFL level. Sure the Detroit Lions are a 2-5 team, but they are really a lot better than their record indicates, and part of that is due to a good locker room. A very nice core of young players led by veteran D lineman Kyle Vanden Bosch. Kyle is instilling a work ethic on the Lions that will help make the successful for years to come. As their young players develop they will have learned how to go about their work in a professional manner.

If the Lions are able to keep that nucleus together I am willing to bet they will be very good one day. It is the philosophy of the Locos, build a strong roster then keep the band together. Of course they probably stated with a pretty good roster and that always helps, but we have seen teams like the Vikings sell out their principles to win now only to have an entire season implode before it is even half over.

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