40K+ Foursquare users rock the vote

Did you get your “I Voted” Foursquare badge today?

Over 40,000 and counting Foursquare users have checked in at polling places on Election Day 2010, earning the badge trumpeting that you’ve done your civic duty and reminding fellow users to do the same. (As polls close at varying times nationally, this number will likely fluctuate- it has jumped by nearly 10,000 check-ins in the past hour.)

If you’re curious about Foursquare voter saturation, you can head on over to elections.foursquare.com and take a look at the live stats. As of now, New York and California are leading the number of voter check-ins, with 5099 and 4315 respectively. Wyoming and Montana seem to be heading up the low end of Foursquare voter check-ins, with 16 and 15 voters checking in in those states. (Colorado amusingly is hovering at 420 voters.) 58% of voters using Foursquare to check-in at their polling place were male, and 42% were lady-voters.

If you’ve yet to vote (tsk!) you can go to elections.foursquare.com/govote for information on local polling places and interestingly, candidates’ positions on certain issues. And don’t forget to tag your check in with “#ivoted,” or your vote won’t get counted on Foursquare. Do we get an epic swarm badge for this?

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