Johnny Depp Gets Answer From Film Critic On ‘Lone Ranger’ Flop

Johnny Depp is hearing it from at least one US film critic. The actor complained that the reason his recent movie The Lone Ranger, flopped was because of negative reviews from said critics.

Now The Wrap’s critic Alonso Duralde is having his say.

As The Inquisitr reported on Monday, Depp along with co-star Armie Hammer and producer Jerry Bruckheimer were blasting film critics for Lone Ranger’s less than stellar showing at the box office.

The film’s budget was about $250 million and has only made $86 million so far.

Duralde is not kind to the trio, who have been making the rounds in England blaming him and his colleagues for their woes.

To Depp’s point that critics were expecting the movie to be a blockbuster, when it wasn’t, Duralde answers that the majority of critics go to watch a movie with few preconceived notions as much as possible.

However he adds that this gets harder to do as ads blanket the internet and television screens months in advance of a release.

But Duralde insists that if Lone Ranger hadn’t been a “leaden, overblown blockbuster” they wouldn’t be talking about it.

Answering Bruckheimer’s claim that the public pays whether the movie costs $2 or $2 million to make and the critics were reviewing the budget and not the movie, Duralde counters saying that Avatar and Iron Man, two very expensive films, actually got very good reviews.

He tells Bruckheimer that a movie is like a child and we all see the best in our children, whether they deserve it or not. Ouch.

Responding to Armie Hammer’s statement that film critics tried to shoot down Brad Pitt’s film World War Z in the same manner as they did Lone Ranger, Duralde is emphatic in saying that film critics don’t band together to pile on a movie.

He says critics work independently from each other because they value their own opinions.

Duralde ends his arguments sarcastically saying that the trio has flattered the film critics and that their accusations are “hilarious”.

His piece ends with this quote, “The Lone Ranger stunk so much so that audiences got an immediate whiff and stayed away. End of story.”

We can almost be sure that this is not the last Johnny Depp and company will hear about the controversy regarding The Lone Ranger flop.

Do you think Johnny Depp is being less than gracious blaming critics for The Lone Ranger flop?

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