Taylor Swift Admits She Only Dates Men She Can Turn Into Music

If you’ve ever felt bad for Taylor Swift and all of the “heartbreak” she has been through to write such sad, sad songs, stop right now. She just admitted what we knew all along: She dates people she knows she can turn into No. 1 hits.

“I am getting to a point where the only love worth being in is the love worth singing about. And kind of mad love,” she recently told Rolling Stone.

You’re only just now getting to that point Taylor? Elaborate, sugar.

“I think that for me, when you experience something that’s worth writing a song about, chances are it’s the same kind of intense feeling that someone else has felt, and it has led them to be sitting on a bedroom floor crying, or walking through a crowded room feeling alone or feeling misunderstood by the person who’s supposed to know them better than anybody else,” she said.

You’re right, that is what makes pop music great… the relatability factor.

“Those are things that make you feel really alone, and if someone’s singing a song about that feeling, then you feel bonded to that person, and I guess that’s the only way I can find an explanation why 55,000 people would want to come see me sing.”

Ahh. There it is.

But we can’t hate on Taylor Swift for this. In our book, she’s still a massive sweetheart, if nothing else but for all of the charity work she does and the hilarious “keep out” signs lining her Rhode Island mansion.

She’s still pretty lady-like and plays coy with the identities of her ex beaus, but now we can’t help but wonder if some of her shorter-lived relationships (*cough* Conor Kennedy *cough*) had such immediate expiration dates because they weren’t that… interesting.

Either way, we can’t help but somehow appreciate Taylor Swift all the more for confirming our suspicions.

[Image: Eva Rinaldi]

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