John Rocker Reddit AMA: His 6 Most Offensive Comments

The John Rocker Reddit AMA was predictably raucous on Tuesday as the former Atlanta Braves pitcher touched on gays and racism in typical Rocker fashion, while mostly giving as good as he got in the insult department.

We’ve culled through the most offensive comments, and here’s what the maestro of political incorrectness and Kenny Powers inspiration had to say to the Reddit community. Warning: this one isn’t as tame and fun-loving as the Reza Aslan AMA.

1. REDDIT: “Why do you have such a potty mouth?”

ROCKER: “Because I’ve grown up dealing with despicable s**theads; so many of whom we have formally met today. If you don’t like it; go and f***ing do something else.”

2. REDDIT: “Have you ever f***ed any fat girls?”

ROCKER: “Not unless you consider you’re [sic] mom fat.”

3. REDDIT: “Thanks for apparently inspiring the character of Kenny Powers. Other than that, you can f*** right off.”

ROCKER: “What have you inspired besides numerous abortions.”

4. REDDIT: “Why are you here? No one likes you.”

ROCKER: “You can tell more about someone by who his enemies are as opposed to who his friends are. It would say a lot about me as a person if idiots like you people who obviously have nothing better to do on a Tuesday afternoon than play on your computer actually liked me. I’m here because I’m retired at the age of 38. You’re here because your [sic] a 35 year old waiter who lives in his mom’s basement and have nothing better to do. Talk s**t when you’ve actually done something with you’re [sic] life you useless s**t.”

5. REDDIT: “What did you do with all the batteries that the Mets fans threw at you during the ’99 playoffs?”

ROCKER: “I give the batteries to your girlfriend for her vibrator.”

6. REDDIT: “Has your opinion of New York changed since your moronic rant?”

ROCKER: “no, especially with jack-offs like you” [sic]

[NOTE regarding this John Rocker Reddit AMA comment: The “moronic rant” Redditors were referring to, originally published in a Sports Illustrated interview: “Imagine having to take the [Number] 7 train to the ballpark, looking like you’re [riding through] Beirut next to some kid with purple hair next to some queer with AIDS right next to some dude who just got out of jail for the fourth time right next to some 20-year-old mom with four kids. It’s depressing.”]

(DIS)-HONORABLE MENTIONS from the John Rocker Reddit AMA include: Calling one Redditor a “f***ing loser,” while telling another he should “enjoy living in mom’s basement until your [sic] 40 beating off to Bay Watch [sic] reruns at 2 in the morning.”

Also, responding to a Redditor, who said, “My gay friend, Steve, just told me to tell you to go f*** yourself,” Rocker said, “sounds like you may have some tendencies ‘Davy.’ If you weren’t gay you would call yourself David…… Not that that makes you a bad person.”

And last but not least, Rocker apparently believes “dating” someone from another culture absolves one of any potentially racist tendencies they may have:

“Racist? If dating 3 black women, Denis Martinez’s daughter who is Nicaraguan and god knows how many women from Puerto Rico and Venezuela makes me a racist then I guess you got me. How does it feel being a sheep who is spoon fed every opinion you have by some blathering talking head on TV.”

Do you think the John Rocker Reddit AMA was offensive, and if so, who offended more — Rocker or the Redditors themselves?

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