Angelina Jolie Is A ‘Serious Prankster,’ Says ‘Maleficent’ Co-Star

If you’re working with Angelina Jolie, then you might want to watch your back. According to her Maleficent co-star, the lady is a “serious prankster.”

While promoting director Neill Blomkamp’s sci-fi outing Elysium, Sharlto Copley revealed that the actress can hold her own in the world of legendary pranks. The two reportedly spend quite a bit of time trying to pull jokes on one another in-between takes.

“It was amazing. We pranked each other like crazy. She is a very serious prankster,” the Maleficent co-star recently explained to Access Hollywood.

So what did Angelina Jolie do that left Sharlto Copley so deeply impressed? The actor isn’t saying too much at the moment. Needless to say it must be pretty bad.

“It is so intense and so controversial that I probably can’t [reveal what she did]. That’s how intense it was,” the actor revealed during his chat.

Copley added, “The gloves were off. We had an amazing time, two crazy people, doing crazy pranks. We got on super well and had a great time. I was like, ‘Oh my God, she went there?! Okay, that opens the door for me to go there!”

Although Angelina Jolie and her Maleficent co-star seemed to appreciate these pranks, apparently Matt Damon wasn’t too thrilled with Copley’s behavior while filming Elysium. When the acclaimed actor returned from visiting his family, Sharlto had a little surprise waiting in the guy’s trailer.

“There were bloodied limbs in the shower and the sink. There was blood on the sheets. I had left all my dirty clothes from the movie — my underwear, smelly socks — in his bed. There was porn in the DVD player. You know, just trash, everywhere,” Copley explained.

Damon, meanwhile, wasn’t as amused as his co-star.

“The poor guy walks in, exhausted, just wanting to have a lie-down, but he had to wait an hour or two while the cleaners cleaned his trailer. I don’t think he found it that funny at the time,” the actor said.

Are you surprised that Angelina Jolie is a “serious prankster”?

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