Marilyn Monroe Called Jackie Kennedy, Book Claims JFK Catfight

Marilyn Monroe’s long-storied affair with lauded president John F. Kennedy is the stuff of American legend — and it isn’t just Hollywood’s ever-hottest star the former prez was believed to have been bedding during his White House years.

The Marilyn Monroe JFK affair allegations have become nearly part of our history, illustrated in our collective memory by the sultry rendition of “Happy Birthday” the star sang for “Mr. President” before both would die so prematurely.

The Monroe legend even made a brief appearance twice in this summer’s blockbuster “White House Down,” once when the existence of secret tunnels under the historic building to facilitate Marilyn visits were denied, and again when a character sheepishly admits they existed all along.

In the seemingly endless trove of information we still do not know about Marilyn Monroe and the yearly shock revelations about her life and loves, a new allegation in a book suggests the Hollywood heartbreaker called Mrs. Kennedy over the tryst.

It almost seems too metaphorical to be true — the bleached blonde near-bad girl of Americana calls the WASPy patron saint of class to ask for her husband — and presidential historian Doug Wead admits as much.

Wead says:

“It’s the sort of thing that’s unbelievable but really happens in history. Some of these things we’re uncovering right now will move from speculation to fact as time progresses.”

CBS says the book “claims that Monroe — aware her career was fading — thought Kennedy would marry her.” Right out of a movie rom-com plot?

Sadly if true, Marilyn was even quoted as having said:

“Can’t you just see me as first lady?”

As for Jackie Kennedy, who we now know remained by JFK’s side until the day he died, she is said to have taken the alleged phone call in stride. Much like our Fantasy Jackie Kennedy, who remained unruffled and in charge in our view, she is said to have retorted:

“Marilyn, you’ll marry Jack, that’s great… and you’ll move into the White House and you’ll assume the responsibilities of first lady, and I’ll move out and you’ll have all the problems.”

Wead explains that while sexual fidelity has come to great importance in our culture, Jackie Kennedy was from the old school and wasn’t about to allow some Hollywood hottie to interfere with her family:

“She was closest to her dad, loved her dad. Her dad loved, adored her, and yet he had many infidelities in his life, so maybe she could come, in some curious way, to accept the fact that her husband Jack could love her and still be unfaithful to her.”

Marilyn Monroe’s alleged JFK affair and the purported phone call to JFK, like all the other rumors, is not backed up by any hard evidence.

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