Kim Kardashian Launching Baby Fashion Line [Rumor]

Kim Kardashian may want to keep her baby out of the television spotlight, but that doesn’t mean that North West won’t find a place in the Kardashian publicity machine. The reality star is reportedly planning on creating a new baby clothing line.

Designer Lloyd Klein, a friend of Kardashian’s, said that Kim plans on entering the world of baby clothes in the near future.

Kardashian hasn’t announced any official plans yet but Klein said that the reality star is already coming up with ideas and plans to make North West the “poster child.”

Klein said: “I am sure she is going to come up with a line for babies.”

There aren’t any concrete details about Kim Kardashian’s baby line but Klein said that the reality star would be smart to get into the baby clothes market. Why? Well, Kim is a marketing force.

Klein said that one of his dresses sold out shortly after Kim was spotted in it.

Klein said: “She wore one of my dress not long ago and it got sold out all over the world, even in the Middle East.”

Kim has already entered the fashion world and reality star is always looking for a new way to expand her empire. Do you think a baby fashion line is next on Kim’s list?

Kardashian should have some time to put together some ideas. A recent report claims that Kim and Kanye won’t be getting married this year since Kim is afraid of the number 13…

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