‘Saints Row IV’ Inauguration Station Lets You Create Your President Ahead Of Time [Video]

Saints Row IV Inauguration Station will let you create your own President of the US ahead of time.

Custom characters have been a way to have a chuckle playing various games for over a decade now. Technically it started with role-playing games, and worked its way into other genres. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater was famous for its ever-expanding “create-a-skater” options, even letting you put close likenesses of various movie characters and possibly even other video game characters into the game.

As technology has improved, so has the ability to customize characters in video games. Xbox Live uses a customizable avatar that occasionally gets used in various games such as Motocross Madness, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. In games such as those, you get a little extra feeling of accomplishment when your own avatar is doing the victory dance instead of some generic game-supplied character.

Saints Row IV Inauguration Station goes a step further in character customization by letting you create the game’s President of the US before the game’s release date of August 20. All you do is download the application, currently available on Xbox Live and Steam (and available for PlayStation 3 next week), create your customized President of the US, and when you buy Saints Row IV, you use the Saints Row IV Inauguration Station to import your custom character into the game.

The options are almost limitless. You can make your President of the US a woman, a transvestite, a guy in a glowing skeleton suit, a discolored mutant … whatever you want. Other ideas include an overweight wrestler, a horse headed man, and a little person with a weird hat.

‘Saints Row IV’ Inauguration Station gives you the power of customization

Why would you want to create a customized President of the US? Imagine the hilarity of seeing an elderly version of Ryu from Street Fighter IV address the nation, or that green woman from Star Trek punching a guy in the nards, or perhaps Colossus from the X-Men beating down citizens with a dildo bat. Yup, the potential for naughty comedy is now in your hands.

What do you think of the Saints Row IV Inauguration Station? What kind of super powered President of the US do you want to see?

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