Josh McDaniels safe for 2010 and 2011?

When I first read the report that Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen stated that his head coach, Josh McDaniels, is safe for the remainder of the season. He went on to say that he is safe for 2011 as well. I am not surprised as much that Bowlen felt the need to say that, but saying so in a week when his team was embarrassed by the Oakland Raiders seems kind of weird. On top of that it doesn’t seem like performance is the issue, in Bowlen’s mind the issue seems to be money.

The deal here is McDaniels is owned the balance of three million dollars in 2010, and another 3 million dollars in 2011. Bowlen is upset that he is still paying for Mike Shanahan and is letting that cloud his judgment. Regardless of the fact that Shanahan’s contract is now being prorated since he has taken another job, Bowlen is unwilling to give up what 4-5 million dollars to fire a coach that may be deserving of said firing.

That is bad policy. A good Denver Broncos team makes that money back at the gate. If McDaniels continues on as he has, the fans might deice they have better things to do each Sunday afternoons. Trust me I live in Detroit taking performance out of the equation is how a team ends up going 0-16.

The simple fact here is McDaniels has done a questionable job in running the Broncos. Sure he might have started 6-0, but the team has fallen apart since that start in 2009. They have cast a way a ton of talent, and continue to run a defense they do not have the personnel for. On top of that McDaniels turned in a highly questionable 2010 draft class, and those are all of the reasons he should be on the hot seat.

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