NFL TV blackouts way up in 2010

As I sit here stewing knowing that I cannot watch my Detroit Lions play a 1 PM game against the Washington Redskins, I came across an article about the frequency of NFL blackouts in the 2010 season. For those that do not know if a NFL game is not sold out three days before the scheduled kickoff the game is not broadcasted on TV within 75 miles of the stadium to host the game. While the Lions typically win games that get blacked out my inability to watch my team play this week has me more than a little upset.

So far in the 2010 NFL season 13 games have been blacked out on local TV. Of course teams or their sponsors can buy up these unused seats at 34 cents on the dollar, but that can pretty expensive. This week the Lions/Redskins, Titans/Chargers, and Seahawks/Raiders have all been blacked out. By ways of comparison 22 games were blacked out in the 17 weeks of the 2009 season.

I know what you are going to say I could go to the Lions game and that would help, but since I have a press pass my attendance isn’t going to help and I enjoy watching NFL games on my HI Def Flat Screen TV and it allows me to follow more than just the Lions game. Staying at home also allows me to keep tracks on my fantasy team and talk smack with my friends. That is the true enjoyment of the NFL for me.

Sure the economy is terrible, especially here in Michigan, but going to a live game just does not compare with how most of us can enjoy the games in our own homes. We have spent thousands of dollars to build up home TV systems that trump anything we could see live. Sure going to a live game is an awesome experience but I bought my TV to enjoy sports in my home. I do not think I am in the minority here.

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