‘Sopranos’ actress Denise Borino-Quinn dies at 46

On HBO’s epic mafia series The Sopranos, Denise Borino-Quinn played the wife of mobster Johnny “Sack” Sacramoni.

The actress, who was working at the time as a legal secretary and part-time manicurist, responded to a large-scale casting call of New Jerseyites in support of a friend, unexpectedly landing the role of Ginny Sacramoni on the hit show. Her character added to several storylines, often when Johnny had to step in to defend his portly wife’s honor against cruel jokes and insinuations from his fellow gangsters- in one arc, nearly resulting in a fatal feud with the sociopathic Ralph Cifaretto. Ginny stood by her loyal husband until he died from lung cancer in a federal prison.

This week, less than a year after the death of her real-life husband Luke Quinn, Borino-Quinn succumbed to liver cancer at Morristown Memorial Hospital at the age of 46. A memorial mass was held for Borino-Quinn on Saturday, and she is survived by two brothers.

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