‘Ender’s Game’ Final Trailer Preview Is Here [Video]

Ender’s Game’s final trailer has landed a preview.

The movie that has earned a boycott from the LGBT community is coming up on its final trailer. Ender’s Game has landed a preview of its final trailer, which will hit tomorrow at Noon Eastern, 9am Pacific.

Ender’s Game is about a boy born third among his siblings, something that at the time is illegal if not authorized. Andrew Wiggin, a six year old boy, is the youngest of three and a genius. He goes by the nickname Ender, and after finally getting the monitor removed from the back of his head, he is taken to a space station called Battle School, where he participates in zero-gravity war games involving flash suits and light guns.

Along the way, Ender (Asa Butterfield) has to confront various bullies who don’t like that a kid as young as he is has been getting promoted so quickly around them. The school in Ender’s Game pushes him through challenges that might have been impossible for anybody else, but being the genius he is, he overcomes everything his commanding officer Graff throws at him.

He eventually gets promoted beyond Battle School, and begins playing a whole new game that simulates actual war.

The final trailer preview for Ender’s Game begins with his commanding officers arguing over Ender. One, played by Ben Kingsley, says he’s not ready, while the other (Harrison Ford) says, “We’re never ready.”

We then get glimpses of space battle and a lone rocket being launched from the middle of a dune-filled wasteland. Ender turns to face the camera, looking hurt but ready to fight, and after the screen tells us it’s the World Trailer Premiere, we see a space station, most likely Battle School. Then we see the Null-G chamber where the school’s “battles” take place, stars arranged in the midst of a dimly lit room as a lone figure floats toward them.

Are you excited for when the final trailer for Ender’s Game hits tomorrow?

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