Intel Opens World’s Largest Chip Making Factory In Vietnam

Intel on Friday opened the world’s largest computer chip making factory in Vietnam. The $1 billion factory is so large that it takes up to the equivalent of five and a half football fields in space.

The new Intel factor is located in an industrial park in Ho Chi Minh City and production of chipsets are said to already be underway for notebooks and mobile devices.

Intel officials say the factory will create several thousands jobs for skilled labor, while increasing Vietnam’s technological impact on the world market, a positive step forward for a country who’s main exports are the relatively cheap rice and coffee.

Intel chose the Vietnam site thanks to low labor costs when compared to China and the factory’s proximity to the Chinese market, along with the countries regional free trade pacts.

The move by Intel, one of seven type worldwide factories located outside the United States is expected to bring in other production facilities to the region which should in turn help increase the countries technological footprint.

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