What will the Big Ten name thier two divisions?

The Big 10 (12) Conference has painted themselves into a pretty tricky corner. By deciding to divide up their conference by means other than ya know geography, the conference is having trouble coming up with names for its two divisions. North, South, East or West will simply not work since the divisions are all a jumble. I also don’t really care for the though of naming the two divisions after Bo Schembechler or Woody Johnson.

All of this comes down to money and that really cheapens the whole thing. The conference went out of its way to insure that the University of Michigan and Ohio State University could play each other in football up to twice a year. Now naming the divisions after the most storied head coaches in those two schools history takes away from the other fine programs that comprise the conference.

I seriously doubt the folks who run the University of Nebraska would all be for playing into the Bo division of the Big 10, and I also seriously doubt that the good folks who run Penn State would be thrilled by playing in the Woody Division when they have the living Legend Joe Paterno as their coach.

I can’t believe the folks in charge could make do with a Big Ten Championship game that is sure to make huge money, regardless of weather or not U of M or OSU plays in it. The goal should have been to get said championship game, and then break up the conference into two separate and equal geographic pieces. That saves everyone money, and let us not forget that this is not only just about football. All 12 of these universities run other sports teams and it seems crazy to conduct business this way.

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