Paris Hilton Robbed Again By Copycat Bling Ring, Maybe

Paris Hilton has been robbed again. The 32-year-old heiress was the victim of a bling ring copycat gang of girls who crashed a party at her Malibu house last weekend. Once inside, they started helping themselves to stuff in her bedroom.

Or at least that’s what gossip site TMZ reported yesterday. There was no police report. And the sources didn’t seem to have names.

But they did have a wild story about how the wannabe bling ring girls snatched bikinis, handbags, and pictures out of the bedroom before running off. They supposedly dropped the items along the way.

Yes, I had my doubts too. But Paris Hilton herself has confirmed the story. She said that they’d tried to get away with her new collection of Paris Hilton purses.

For realz or for publicity stunt? Who knows?

Anyway, Hilton got the stuff back, since it was found outside by a valet driver.


The Digital Spy reminded us that Paris Hilton was the original target of the 2009 Hollywood Hills burglars. Those thieves inspired The Bling Ring, the movie in which Hilton herself makes a cameo.

According to OMG!, the original bling ring gang invaded her home six times in 2008 and 2009. They ultimately got away with millions of dollars in jewelry and other items.

The Spy reporter seemed to take Hilton’s robbery claim at face value, suggesting that it was a copycat gang of thieves.

And maybe they’re right.

But I have a theory that real robbers keep the swag.

So I have a hunch that it was all a publicity stunt to raise awareness of the handbags, The Bling Ring movie, or all of the above.

What are your thoughts on the newest bling ring Paris Hilton robbery?

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