Lady Gaga, Madonna Accused Of Violating Visa Rules In Russia

Lady Gaga and her musical soul mate Madonna could face punishment for violating their visas while recently visiting Russia.

The singers could face stiff penalties for putting on concerts in the country last year. According to officials, the musicians are not allowed to perform in Russia while visiting with their tourist visas.

However, some people believe that the Russian government is going after Lady Gaga and Madonna for their very vocal stance on gay rights. The same lawmaker who wanted to launch an investigation into the visa violation is also responsible for putting together an anti-gay campaign.

Several reports suggest that both singers have violated the St. Petersburg’s anti-gay law by spreading so-called “gay propaganda” during their shows. In order to strike back against the performers, officials are now looking to punish them for violating their visas.

“The Russian government is sending a shot across the bow to Lady Gaga, Madonna, and other performers who are taking up gay rights in Russia,” the Center for the National Interest’s Paul Saunders explained.

Officials attempted to take legal action against the singers last year for allegedly spreading gay propaganda during these concerts. When the lawsuits failed to take hold, lawmakers decided to look for other ways to punish the performers.

The folks at Fuse point out that the visa violation may not have been spotted without a little legwork. Since the cultural-exchange visa does not “grant their bearers the right to engage in any commercial activity,” the Russian government is hoping to press charges.

Prosecutors are reportedly interested in getting the foreign ministry or federal migration involved with the lawsuit. However, nothing official about the punishment has been released to the public as of this writing. The singers have also remained silent about the charges.

Do you think Lady Gaga and Madonna will be punished for violating their visas in Russia?

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