Shopper Jailed For Urinating On $375 Of Coca-Cola

A man has been jailed for urinating on over $375 worth of Coca-Cola in a Welsh shop.

Stephen Goldring urinated on a pallet of the soft drink in a Tesco store in Swansea Marina, all of which has to be destroyed after the incident.

The 36-year-old tried to explain that whilst he was in the store shopping for cider he experienced a bizarre side-effect of the new medication that he was taking which lead to him being “caught short” and then weeing over the huge stack of cola.

Goldring was in the alcohol aisle of the store on July 10 with a friend when the ordeal occurred. Prosecutor Lisa Jones stated that CCTV evidence clearly shows Goldring leaves his pal and walk over to the opposite side the aisle.

She then added that he unzipped his pants and can be seen urinating across the entire display. After he his finished he then zips his trousers back up and wipes the germs off his hands and onto his trouser before returning to his friend.

It was then revealed that the duo then simply went up to the checkout and paid for the beverages. Jones then remarked, “The items are not able to be resold, because they are completely soaked in urine.”

However, Mr Goldring’s solicitor, Matt Henson, added that his client was suffering from sciatica at the time of the incident and was taking a large dose of medication to combat the illness. This meant that he often needed to go to the toilet.

Mr Henson remarked, “The medication does cause him to be caught short, if you will, at very little notice.”

He then added that he didn’t want to embarrass himself by wetting his pants in the middle of the store so he tried to find somewhere private to relieve himself.

Due to prior convictions though, despite pleading guilty at the first possible attempt, he has been sentenced to two weeks in prison and also has to pay the store $375 in compensation.

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