Sneak Peak: Britney Spears Documentary Videos

Editors note: update from this post, includes extra details and video

A sneak peak of the documentary that everyone has been wanting to see, where Britney talks for 90 minutes, candidly about just how her life has unravelled so publicly is available.

Britney talks about how dance is therapy, and not everyone needs to go to therapy and talk about things. I think we might have discovered right there just what went wrong. Clearly, not enough dancing.

The other video touches on her marriage (presumably the one to K-Fed) and she says she got married for the idea of it, not because she was following her heart. Ok, the bys are going to love that when they are older.

Britney does however look like her old self, which is a positive. Time will tell whether the doco works wonders for her public reputation, and we all stop talking about her vagina. It would have to be a good documentary for that, though.

The documentary airs in the United States on MTV on November 30 and in the United Kingdom on 1 December on Sky 1.

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