Panhandler Tricks Entire Subway Carriage [Video]

A panhandler pranked an entire subway carriage by boasting about his successful life and asking for high fives rather than bemoaning his failures and pleading for money.

The entire incident was filmed for a College Humour video, and passengers can be seen to drop their heads as a homeless looking man boards the train with an empty coffee cup in his hand and shouts, “Excuse me, ladies and gentleman may I have your attention please.”

However, he then starts to reel off his success, starting by saying, “I’m not a crook, I’m not even selling candy for no basketball team, I’m just an honest hard-working man trying to make a living. I’m not here to beg ladies and gentleman.”

The camera then pans around to those on the subway, each of whom look non-plussed by the man’s revelations. However, he then shouts, “Things are actually going pretty well for me right now.”

He then explains, “I used to live in a two-bedroom apartment in a great neighborhood until my family was forced to move because we wanted more space.”

The unnamed man then brings out a picture of his daughter, and proclaims that she was recently accepted into an ivy school and that her tuition is very expensive. But despite these costs he still doesn’t need any help because she also received a full scholarship. He then admits that she will probably be a doctor one day too.

As the man continues you can see the passengers become more and more invested in his speech and they soon realise that this is all a ruse.

The man even shows off a picture of his family holiday to the Grand Canyon, talks about his recent promotion, debates whether or not to buy a boat, and then reveals that he is holding a cup because he has finished his late and doesn’t want to litter before asking for high fives and fist bumps from everyone on the carriage.

You can watch the hilarious video above.

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