‘Game Of Thrones’ Writer Joins ‘Merlin’ Project At Warner Bros.

Game of Thrones writer Dave Hill has been selected by the suits at Warner Bros. to help out with the studio’s upcoming Merlin project.

If there’s one guy who should know his way around a fantasy setting, then it’s most certainly Hill. The hit HBO program isn’t too far removed from the legendary’s wizard’s world, so Hill should have no trouble bringing this story to the big screen.

Helping him out with the Merlin script is Hanna scribe David Farr. According to reports, Warner Bros. is hoping to create another hit franchise to fit alongside such notable series as Harry Potter and Superman. The film has been given top priority, so expect to see this one very soon.

Fans of the BBC series are no doubt disappointed that this version of Merlin has nothing to do with the canceled show. Word on the proverbial street suggests that Warner Bros. could be moving forward with an adaptation of T.A. Barron’s young adult series The Lost Years of Merlin.

The Game of Thrones writer and the Hannah scribe will be tasked with telling the story of Merlin’s rise to prominence. The flick will reportedly follow the young wizard as he hones his powers after washing ashore in Wales. Casting and release information is presently unavailable.

Although the studio is hoping to create another box office cash cow, it remains to be seen if the public at-large is ready to bite. There are a number of Merlin tales currently available on home video, so Hill and Farr will have to craft something special to set this story apart from the others.

What do you think the Game of Thrones and Hannah writers tackling the script for the Warner Bros. fantasy Merlin? Do you believe Dave Hill and David Farr are the right guys for the job?

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