Bloodhound Gang Banned From Russia Over Flag Stunt [Video]

Bloodhound Gang has been banned from Russia over a flag stunt.

During a live performance in Odessa, a city in Ukraine, the rock band Bloodhound Gang did something that got them labeled “idiots” and banned from Russia. Bass player Jared Hasselhoff took the flag of Russia and told the audience, “Don’t tell Putin,” as he proceeded to stuff it in his underpants and pull it out from behind. He then whipped it between his legs and threw the flag out into the crowd.

Video of the incident was uploaded to YouTube in Russia and had gone viral.

Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky was not amused, and considered it an insult to the people. As for the next show the rock band had planned for that part of the world, Vladimir Medinsky stated on Twitter, “Bloodhound Gang packing suitcases. These idiots won’t perform in Kubana.”

Jared Hasselhoff later apologized for his actions, but it was too late.

Following the incident that got the Bloodhound Gang banned from Russia, the band was met at the Anapa airport by an angry group of Russian nationalists and beaten, said a band member who for security reasons requested his name withheld. Some of the crowd beating them up had whips. The band was not seriously injured, and will be escorted by police to their next flight out of Russia.

The Bloodhound Gang was among the acts listed to appear at the Kubana music festival on the Black Sea coast. The festival was scheduled to begin on Thursday, with their performance planned for Friday.

The flag stunt (above) that got the Bloodhound Gang banned from Russia was indicative of the kind of music the rock band is known for, which pokes fun at the norm. However, the shenanigans were enough to make a lot of the wrong people angry, and their plans to perform ever again in Russia canceled from then on.

You would think that even a rock band would have the sense to know that Russia is a country that doesn’t look kindly on stunts such as this.

What do you think of the flag stunt that got the Bloodhound Gang banned from Russia?

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