YouTube Comedian Kain Carter Caught Stealing Jokes From Patrice O’Neal

YouTube and Twitter star Kain Carter (@HotDamniRock) has hundreds of thousands of fans, and he earned them with stolen jokes. The material used by the comedian was stolen from the late comic Patrice O’Nea,l and his theft isn’t sitting well with people on social media.

In video and audio clips, the comedian can be heard reciting the late comics pieces word for word.

In a pathetic attempt to save his own behind, Carter claims he reproduced O’Neal’s work with credit or permission in order to “keep the material alive.”

Perhaps claiming to “keep the material alive” when the real comedian is dead was a bad choice of words. Perhaps his decision to steal material and then make excuses also wasn’t the best choice.

Since the discovery was made, Patrice O’Neal’s widow and other members of the comedy world have condemned Kain Carter’s outright theft.

The O’Neal family has not said whether or not they will sue Kain Carter over copyright theft.

With 95 million YouTube views, the comedian could be stuck with some hefty legal bills and a lot of apologies.

Check out Kain Carter and his outward theft of Patrice O’Neal’s copyrighted work:

What might be worse is that, not only is Kain Carter a complete fraud, he actually attempts to lash out against people who steal content and question his ethics. Here’s a video Kain posted before his theft was discovered:

There are scummy people, and there are scummy people who steal from the dead. Kain Carter falls into both of those classifications.

Perhaps for his next trick, Kain Carter will steal knock knock jokes from 3 year olds.

Do you think Kain Carter’s career is over now that he has been exposed as a complete fraud who stole Patrice O’Neal’s jokes?

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